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The Arama story

We founded Arama because we felt seniors should have more options

…from the food to activities.

Nairobi is abuzz with new restaurants, events and things to do, and lots of new creative ways to entertain little children and young adults. However we realised that services and entertainment for seniors are scarce and most depended on their families and community centres for support and entertainment. This often meant that ageing became a hapless, lonely journey.

We also understand the challenges of ageing – both, on you and your families. We met a number of seniors whose families weren’t in a position to spend sufficient time with them because of their busy work schedules and commitments. These seniors were battling with the hassles of Nairobi living – power and electricity shortages, managing staff, navigating through traffic to go shopping, insecurity and other daily chores. We also learnt that loneliness was widespread. As we delved deeper, we realised that the loneliness and boredom had serious effects – including depression, dementia and fluctuations in blood pressure. We felt more and more passionate about these issues and believed it was possible to improve the status quo for senior citizens.

It has become clear to us that ageing in Kenya was mainly associated with medical issues. We desperately want to change this. Having spent time in the UK, Australia and India, we noted that there is more to senior care than just medical care. For instance in the UK and Australia there is an emphasis on independence for seniors and spending time on personal development and social engagement. In India, retirees are revered and looked to for guidance.

We want to bring these options and attitudes to seniors in Kenya. We believe it’s time we acknowledge that we’re living longer and that demographics and social norms are changing and that there’s nothing wrong with that. But we need to manage these changes so that we can age gracefully – that’s where Arama comes in. We’re giving you a setting which is convenient, serene and cosy and are providing you with flexible services catered to you. We stay away from the one-size fits all approach!

Holistic Approach requires a team…

so you will need to work together with these true professionals! Let's meet them too...

Elizabeth Lemon

Yoga Instructor

Lisa Starborn

Fitness Consultant

Jena Moroni


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