The Arama Centre

Serene environment

The terms “nursing home” and “retirement home” often make people anxious. We are putting a contemporary spin to retirement homes and are adamant to change the reputation. We’ve carefully created a space that our seniors can truly call home. With our own personal touches to warm up the common areas, we encourage our residents to personalise their rooms as much as possible – to settle in with their own soft furnishings and trinkets and make their own.

The Arama Centre IS home. A cosy, idyllic cottage where you are surrounded by friends. The surrounding lush landscaped garden is the perfect space for our residents to engage in a plethora of activities, from gardening and bird-watching to moments of soothing solitude soaking in fresh air and sunshine.

Each of the seven spacious bedrooms at the Centre has verdant garden views. Each room can be decorated to suit your family requirements – it is an extension of your home after all! The homey, warm living room is a hub of daily life – with its comfortable armchairs, rustic fireplace and warming throws and cushions. It’s a space we love using for daily activities, movie nights, indoor bowling (a regular treat) and our famous celebrations with friends and family.

The Centre is based in Westlands and is very near community centres, shopping malls and medical centres. Despite the hustle and bustle outside our gate, once in the Centre you feel like you’re in a serene environment.

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